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 United Reformed Church in Ewell


The Members and friends of Ewell United Reformed Church
send good wishes to all our readers


A New way forward
The following is part of the memorandum outlines of the covenant partnership agreement made between Ewell URC (EwURC) and The Ewell Korean Church (EKHC) who are seeking to worship and minister together together in this community.
The EKHC and EwURC are agreeing to work together as a partnership congregation for the purposes  of worship, ministry and mission in furthering God's kingdom on earth.  The partnership will take place on the premises of Ewell United Churchwhere we will be seeking to work and minister together as well as being distinct independent church communities.
The Aims of the partnership are:

1. to provide EKHC a regular worship space and environment to offer its ministry and mission among the Korean community.
2. As partners, EwURC and EKHC to learn and grow together in grace and favour with God.
3. As partners, EwURC and EKHC share ministry ministry and mission in organisation and administration and accomodation.
4.To provide a witness to the community of God's love and blessing.
5. To be open to the Spirit and to jointly seek to discern God's will for the partnership.