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 United Reformed Church in Ewell


CONTACT is the name of the Ewell magazine which is published for the Church at the beginning of each month (with the exception of August and January).
From time to time items that might be of interest to a wider audience, rather than the more in-house things like flower rotas etc, will be published here too.  The Church Diary and the preachers are already published elsewhere on this web-site and they appear in CONTACT


So is that sun we see in the garden I ask myself – is summer finally with us?!! Let’s hope so. It certainly feels like it has been a long time coming. But with sun comes the need to do a lot of work in the garden – time stands still for no man!!
It has been a very busy and quite productive month. I have transferred 12 tomatoes to their final place and I have more to put out. All of my strawberries have started to flower. Broccoli has been planted, my pac choi is ready to eat and we have already had a feed of chard. My radishes, spring onions and salad leaves are all progressing and it won’t be long until we won’t need to buy them as part of our weekly shop. My chillies have been transplanted with two of them going into big pots that will be given to a friend for him to continue growing them.
I have had one disaster: all of my cucumbers that had germinated suddenly died!! Think it was because of lack of watering – oops!! – so I have planted six more and will take better care of them this time!! On the subject of watering, a friend of ours fitted my new hose to our wall so I now have one that retracts and can be put away every time you use it. Jane bought the hose for me as a Christmas present in 2016!!
Ho Hum!!
Gnome painting has come to a bit of a halt as Jane has been rather busy at work, but she has taken some time out to fill up a few more of her pots with plants that will last for the whole season. She now just needs to crack on with some of the smaller ones so that we have a full floral display for the summer!! The wild habitat took a bit of a beating this month as I had to stand on some of it to cut down a big wild rose bush that grows at the back of it – but it will soon pick itself up I am sure.
SO – the bean competition!! The framework of canes is in place and the beans have been planted on opposite sides so that a very accurate record can be kept of progress!! At the moment the competition is neck and neck – for a while it look liked beans ‘Mugridge’ were marginally in front, but beans ‘Ingram’ have rallied!!
More next month – have a good May bank holiday.

We should be always singing,
God gave us each a voice –
An instrument of beauty,
A reason to rejoice.

God gave the birds their voices,
Each one a different song.
They need no notes or teaching,
Their music flows along.

They sing on winter mornings,
And under summer skies,
They sing when searching for their food,
With urgent piercing cries.

We too can sing in changing times,
Peace, joy, confusion, fear,
Our song can be our fervent prayer,
And God will always hear.

(St. Augustine said, “The one who sings prays twice”)

Barbara Pearson.


From Churches Together in Ewell
Dear All
Please see below details of the prayer “post – its” written at our recent Churches together” service on 19th. It would be lovely if you could include prayers for all these projects and events in your prayer meetings and services as you feel appropriate. People were invited to write down a prayer or a topic, with a particular focus on our local community in Ewell/Stoneleigh/Cuddington.
Community Prayer topics:
HOPE 24 June
Emmaus Music Group (based at Ruxley)
For all who pass the doors of our churches. Give them peace, and courage to come in
For unity within our churches, Father forgive us
For those with special needs, physical disabilities and mental health problems
Ruxley Church coffee mornings
For all the children our churches reach out to, and that those who have faith may hold on to it
For CAP and all those who need their help
For peace in our world, and local area. May God’s Spirit inspire us
For all in “Churches together in Ewell” and all who serve in our wider community
For all in the parish of St Clements – that we may live simply, care for our environment, support our community…..
For young families supported by our churches
Citizens Advice Bureau
Street Pastors
Bereavement Café based at St Marys Ewell
For homeless and vulnerable in our community
For the elderly and lonely
For the Epsom and Ewell Foodbank and all they support.
Thank you

 Will you help us to create a dementia-friendly borough?
Join the Epsom and Ewell Local Dementia Action Alliance
The number of people estimated to be living with dementia in Surrey is over 16,000. In Epsom and Ewell it is around 1,030.
The Epsom & Ewell Local Dementia Action Alliance (LDAA) aims to support these people and raise the profile of dementia issues within the borough.
The alliance is holding a Dementia Friends Info Session at The Orchard Centre, Longmead Road, Epsom, KT19 9RX, on Thursday 14th June at 5.30pm
During this friendly and interactive session, you will…
Increase your understanding and awareness of dementia
Learn about the small things that you can do to make a difference to people affected by dementia. Find out what joining the Alliance means to you and your business.
Book your place on the session by calling 01372 732 457, text or phone on 0770 306 1470 or email dorahmay.hancock@ageconcernepsom.org.uk
Thank you so much for taking an interest in this very exciting new initiative.
Deborah May Hancock
Epsom & Ewell Local Dementia Action Alliance Co-ordinator.

* * * * * * * * * *