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 United Reformed Church in Ewell


CONTACT is the name of the Ewell magazine which is published for the Church at the beginning of each month (with the exception of August and January).
From time to time items that might be of interest to a wider audience, rather than the more in-house things like flower rotas etc, will be published here too.  The Church Diary and the preachers are already published elsewhere on this web-site and they appear in CONTACT


The title of this month’s article just about sums it up ~ the month tells us that autumn is here and things should be slowing down – but the weather is still mild so the suburban garden sees no reason why it should go to sleep!! As I said last month Jane and I had begun to tidy things up, but this month we have had to carry on looking after everything instead.
I still have cucumbers growing and I estimate that I will have enough to see us through until at least the middle of November. I ended up picking all of my chillis and now have 30 sitting in a pot to dry out and use until next year. I have picked more spring onions and Jane has two remaining aubergines which are going to find themselves in moussaka later in the week. But the biggest bit of news is my carrots!! Planted a few weeks ago they looked like they weren’t coming to much, but in the last week have started to take on nuclear proportions again – they are huge!! Don’t know what I am doing with them, but whatever it is it’s having a good effect.
Whilst I reported that a lot of Janes flowers were beginning to die off her marigolds are still going strong and giving a very impressive display and her four roses have all sprung into life again. She has started to empty out some of her pots and clean them out ready for next year. She is looking at planting some up with pansies for a bit of colour over the winter months.We actually haven’t had too many birds in the garden this month. We think this is because the bird feeder is actually standing quite close to the branches of a tree that overhangs from next door. Apparently birds don’t like using feeders and things like that if they are too close to things like bushes, so we are thinking that we may have to move it as cutting the bush back and keeping it like that isn’t really an option as is grows so quickly.
With the winter months approaching (well apparently) we have both started to turn our hand to our other interests. Jane has started to make Christmas cards (can’t believe I have just written the word CHRISTMAS!!) and I have been doing a bit of baking. I made some rolls and a couple of batches of home-made soup. My plan over the next few weeks is to get my pasta maker out and have a go at making home-made pasta. At this point I think it only fair to let you know Jane bought it for me at least 4 years ago for Christmas!!! There’s that word again!!
See you all next month ………… Jane & Kyle.

* * * * * * * * * *

News of our grand-daughter, Isabel:

I thought friends at Ewell church might be interested to hear about our grand-daughter, Isabel, who has just finished her Masters degree at the London School of Economics and has opted to work in the Oinofyta refugee camp, which is situated about an hour’s train journey north of Athens. She is living with three other women workers from the camp in a nearby town called Avlida. The local people make them very welcome, and are happy to have them there.
works in the camp from 8 am to 8 pm every day. In the mornings she teaches a group of children, aged 7-9. Their lives have been very disrupted, but they are lively and quick to learn despite their circumstances. In the afternoons she teaches English and French to adults, and then the rest of the day helps in the camp, doing whatever needs doing, often visiting families to see what she can do to help them with the paperwork connected with asylum applications.
the refugees in the camp are from Afghanistan, but the camp will close before Christmas, and everyone will be moved to other camps, where there may be racial tensions to contend with. Isabel will move to Athens too, to help with the relocation.
sounds very hard work, but Isabel has found time to begin to learn Farsi, and also to make visits to Athens. She sent us photographs of some of the children she works with, and as always we were amazed at the resilience of children, who manage to play and smile and have fun even in such difficult circumstances.
I ask you to remember Isabel and the people she is working with in the camp in your prayers. All they want is what we take for granted – to have security in their lives, and 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If you had walked with Jesus Christ,
What sights would you have seen?
Along the dusty desert paths
What would his actions mean?
He’d lift a child up in his arms;
They’d stand around his knee.
For him they were a symbol
Of how our faith should be.
He’d heal a leper with a touch,
And ease a woman’s pain.
The blind would see, the lame would stand,
The dumb would speak again.
He stood beside a tomb and wept,
As we would for a friend,
He fed the crowd, he taught the poor,
He loved them to the end.
Let’s follow in our hearts and minds
The paths that Jesus trod,
By deeds of gentleness and love
We too can serve our God.

* * * * * * * * * * *
The lead-up to our Minister’s Induction service at Tolworth URC on Sunday 24th. September now seems an age ago!! We recall that when we at Ewell hosted Revd. Heather Cadoux’s Induction service, the amount of planning and preparation was immense—there were so many ”I’s” to dot and “t’s” to cross!
So it was for our friends at Tolworth during the build up to Roger’s Induction. Huge thanks, therefore, go to Moira Fleming and her fellow Elders and to Brenda Kelly and her catering team for overseeing the excellent refreshments which followed the service.
It was a wonderful occasion and so pleasing to see a very full Tolworth church; a so fitting way to welcome Roger and his family into our fellowship.
Jean and Malcolm.