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 United Reformed Church in Ewell


CONTACT is the name of the Ewell magazine which is published for the Church at the beginning of each month (with the exception of August and January).
From time to time items that might be of interest to a wider audience, rather than the more in-house things like flower rotas etc, will be published here too.  The Church Diary and the preachers are already published elsewhere on this web-site and they appear in CONTACT


The first of March is special,
Not just for folk in Wales.
We all can claim St. David,
Find wisdom in his tales.
The saints belong to all of us,
When all is said and done,
And David, yes, was born in Wales –
His mother was a nun.

Baptized by the blind St. Elvis,
That really was his name,
A famous priest and holy man,
Which David too became.
David was a gentle soul,
A shy and thoughtful man,
And yet his faith could fire folk up,
As only true faith can.

His fellow monks all loved him,
And followed in his way.
They learned to love the simple life –
To study, work and pray.
They wept when he lay dying,
His last words were so true:
“Be cheerful, keep your faith and do
The things you’ve seen me do”.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
So – what’s happened to the weather!! What has happened to the beginnings of spring – where has it all gone? As I sit here writing this article it’s snowing and it’s nearly March! But fear not preparations for the suburban garden for 2018 have begun – you can’t keep an old gardener down!!
I must confess that I probably could have done more in the last month but garden activities were slightly overtaken by a ‘quick’ trip across the pond to the warmer climes of California and Nevada – Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas to be precise – where temperatures were between 10 and 15 degrees above the seasonal norm!! That all seems to be a dim and distant memory now.
Our robin has continued to visit us and has taken to sitting on my bucket when I am working. I have cleaned out and re stocked the bird feeder and as it happened just in time for the first fall of snow. The front garden is beginning to have quite a healthy show of daffodils and crocus and there are many other bulbs that have come through and we are just waiting for them to flower. Jane came across a couple of bags of bulbs in a cupboard in the kitchen. They were showing signs of beginning to sprout so we have put them in the back garden and have our fingers crossed that they will flower.
I have bought some potatoes and they are now on the windowsill chitting and I have planted my tomato and chilli seeds and they are now up in the spare bedroom in the warm! I have cut back and tidied up my strawberry bed and have planted spring onions, radishes and kale in my big pots on the patio. Jane hasn’t had a chance to do much more to her pots yet, but as she still has five weeks until she starts her new job she is ever hopeful that the weather will take a turn for the better and she will be able to get out in the garden.
Plans for the next month – should it decide to warm up, include cleaning out the greenhouse, tidying up my vegetable beds, buying my grow bags and planting more seeds – March is the peak season for all of this activity.
is about all for now – stay safe and warm during this cold spell and see you next month.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *