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 United Reformed Church in Ewell


CONTACT is the name of the Ewell magazine which is published for the Church at the beginning of each month (with the exception of August and January).
From time to time items that might be of interest to a wider audience, rather than the more in-house things like flower rotas etc, will be published here too.  The Church Diary and the preachers are already published elsewhere on this web-site and they appear in CONTACT

A letter from Sue

On Sunday 18th November I went to the morning service at Ewell URC, which was a combined service with members of Epsom URC. I had not been there for Sunday worship since some point in my mid-twenties, which is since the mid-Eighties! I now live in Stroud, Gloucestershire but on this Sunday I had left that morning from visiting my elderly parents who are now into their 90’s..
At the door I was greeted with an enormous hug from Jean Hensman, whom I have known since I was a child in the Sunday school …. what a welcome! Going inside I was immediately struck by the calm, peace and warmth of the space and it drew me in, to the familiar welcoming and homely atmosphere. It felt just as I remembered it although sadly, there were far fewer people present, but there were some familiar faces. On the wall down either side of the front were the two paintings that touched me so much as a child and teen ….. Jesus ministering to the children and Jesus with his hands, palms upward in peace and stillness.
A few evenings previously I had met up with my oldest friend, Helen  and we had been speaking about the massive and significant impact that attending Ewell Congregational /URC had on each of us. We both began attending Sunday School in the Beginners Department, moving through all the classes and into the Youth Fellowship which at that time was run by Mike Hensman. We recalled a great YF holiday in a house belonging to Jean’s relatives and where one night in the girls’ bedroom, someone fell out of bed and got concussion. Mike and Jean had a dilemma as the girl had recently had her 18th birthday and refused to let them contact her parents, so Mike had to stay up all night checking on her! We all had such fun on that holiday and again, it was very formative in the development of our faith.
There were three ministers during my time there, Jonathan Evans, Ivor Rees and Richard Church, all of whom had a huge, positive influence on me. We remembered some fun times going off in those old London buses for days out, from picnics to rallies in Westminster Central Hall and the times we didn’t get to where we were going as the bus broke down! And those enormous Church fetes either in the grounds of the grand house near St Mary’s Church or on the fields behind the Cedar Hall …. huge events that it seemed to me the whole of Ewell village came along to.
It’s hard to put into words our felt experience of Ewell URC but perhaps these words capture something …. warmth, welcome, love, openness, honesty, non-judgemental atmosphere (very important for both of us), fun, laughter and acceptance for who we were, warts and all.
We’re blessed to have our baby,
Our precious little one.
I’m blessed to have my Joseph
To share our infant son.
We’ve travelled far together,
Not just to Bethlehem –
We’ve travelled in our hearts and minds,
To understand, not blame.
We’ve come to understand it,
How special he will be.
We can’t predict his future,
Just his life with us we see.
We’ll go back to our village,
Fit in there once again.
He’ll grow up like the rest of us,
Know happiness and pain.
He’ll learn his trade from Joseph,
The skill to work with wood,
He’ll hear about our loving God,
And serve Him as he should.
My eyes can see no further –
his life ahead’s unknown,
But in my heart I’ll keep the truth,
The knowledge I’ve been shown.
I held within my body
God’s precious gift indeed,
And I will love him always,
Where’er his path may lead.
Barbara Pearson

* * * * * * * * * * *

It’s that time of the year again when a ‘double edition’ is called for. I can’t believe that we have once again come to the end of another year in the suburban garden and that next time I write an article we will be in 2019!! How the years fly past.
The last month has been very quiet as far as the garden is concerned. I cut the grass as planned, but haven’t cleaned the greenhouse out yet and Jane and I still need to have a flower pot sort out. Jane has finally managed to sort all of her pots out and all of her little garden ornaments have been cleaned and put away in the shed for winter.
There has been quite a lot of wildlife activity this month. Jane encountered our frog while tidying up her hostas – he’d made a nice comfortable bed for himself under the wet leaves until she came along and threw them all away – he hopped off into next doors garden in disgust!! We have been visited by robins and yellow tits throughout the month and a squirrel has had great fun with our birdfeeder, trying to climb it and get to the nuts we have put out. It is very entertaining watching all of them.
I told you last month that I was trying a recipe for tomato soup and if it was any good I would share it with you. Well it was and here it is.
This recipe is ideal if you have a glut of tomatoes or old ones left over in the fridge. It is for 2 people.
Heat 1 tbsp. of oil in a large saucepan and add 1 chopped onion, 1 small carrot that has been diced finely, 1 crushed clove of garlic and ½ finely chopped stick of celery. Cover and cook gently for 10 mins until soft.
·     Add ½ tsp sugar, salt, pepper and 1/2lb of tomatoes. Stir and cook for a further 5 mins.
· Add 1pt of vegetable stock and bring to the boil and then simmer for 10 mins.
· Liquidise until smooth and serve.
Well folks – that is it for another year. Jane and I hope that you have enjoyed our tales from the suburban garden in 2018. We wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all in 2019!!