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 United Reformed Church in Ewell


CONTACT is the name of the Ewell magazine which is published for the Church at the beginning of each month (with the exception of August and January).
From time to time items that might be of interest to a wider audience, rather than the more in-house things like flower rotas etc, will be published here too.  The Church Diary and the preachers are already published elsewhere on this web-site and they appear in CONTACT


So tell me what does the suburban garden, the suburban gardener and the rest of the population have in common when temperatures reach over 90 degrees?? Yes that’s right you have got it in one – THEY WILT!! And that has pretty much been the case in the garden over the last week or so – everything has gone very ‘droopy’ and looks like it has never been watered!! The sudden onset of heat has also encouraged everything to suddenly grow and I am well ahead with some of my veg. I reckon we are about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of ourselves at the moment. I have nuclear sized cucumbers in the greenhouse and already enough green tomatoes to sink a ship!!
Jane and I have enjoyed the first cuttings from my courgettes and broccoli and I have dug up my first planting of potatoes which yielded about 5lb!! We have also been feasting on fresh strawberries for the last month and I have also had my first peas from 1 pod!! Fresh mint tea has become the summer drink of choice made from fresh mint but sadly we lost some of our other herbs because of the heat. I have given a couple of my chillies away to a friend and the rest are doing well in the greenhouse. My beans have lots of flowers on them but they are not setting yet.
All of Jane’s pots are now in flower, but sadly she had to chop one of her roses back as it became diseased. Her hostas are still trying to take over the world and have begun to flower. She has planted a wild garden with poppies and other wild flowers and this is now beginning to show signs of growing – the only problem is, in allowing the bed to grow wild it is very hard to sort out what are wild flowers and what are weeds!! Jane has decided to just let everything grow and see what happens. Wildlife has been a bit thin on the ground this month with the only real visitors to the garden being a whole family of very noisy sparrows who seem to enjoy sitting in a neighbours bush and then flying down and eating my lettuce first thing in the morning.

See you in September, Kyle. 

* * * * * * * * * *

At a recent joint service at Epsom URC the congregation decided that they wanted to make donations towards helping the families of the dreadful Grenfell Tower disaster.
Pamela, the Treasurer, at Epsom writes:
“We raised £95 at the retiring collection. I will send a cheque for £100 to the London Fire Relief Fund, which is being administered by the Red Cross, with an accompanying letter saying we would like the money to help families with the cost of the funerals as we realise that this will be a big problem for many of the families”.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *